About Us

Sports Xtra was founded in 2002 by Loughborough and Cambridge University graduate Gareth Lippiatt. Starting with just two after-school clubs in a Cambridgeshire village, the company has expanded across the UK and opens its first overseas office in Singapore later this year.

At our core we are passionate about inspiring and engaging children to be physically active. However in recent years, we have also developed a passion for helping people build careers in children’s sports provision. Coaching used to be seen as a stepping stone into other “better paid” careers and as a result the profession has previously lost some amazing people.

That’s why we’ve decided to do things differently to the competition and developed our Children’s Activity Professional License, a model which provides the earning potential and progression that we understand ambitious people seek.

What's An Activity Professional?

Our Activity Professionals are people with the ability to engage and inspire children to enjoy physical activity, delivering Sports Xtra courses in their local communities.

The Children’s Activity Professional License enables individuals to work on a freelance basis, effectively as their own boss using our expertise, partnerships, infrastructure and brand.

As a group, they represent a diverse range of people of different ages, experience and qualifications. However the common factor that they share our passion for inspiring children to be physically active.

What's In It For You?

Working in sport and with children has always been many people’s dream job. The main problem being that it doesn’t pay that well, until now…

There are many great sports coaches out there, that don’t have the same level of confidence on the business side of things. Sports Xtra provide everything a Children’s Activity Professional will need to run very successfully on a self-employed basis, so you can concentrate on delivering amazing sessions.

Everything is included in a flat monthly fee meaning that the harder you work, the more you earn, rather than the more we or your employer earns!

- Use of the Sports Xtra brand and premium partnerships

- Full training and mentoring provided on a weekly basis

- Use the same products, systems and business model that enabled us to generate £1.5 million in revenue

- Hear directly from the people that built Sports Xtra from scratch

- All teaching resources and policies provided

- All marketing templates provided, along with guidance as to how to use them successfully

- Full online booking and class management software provided


How Does It Work?

Our Children’s Activity Professional opportunity is quite different to an employed coaching job and it’s not a franchise either. Here’s ten facts you should understand before applying:

1. You are self-employed and your own boss. This is not an employed job.

2. There is no franchise fee. The only set up cost is your starter pack (£149) including all your uniform, business cards etc, however if you qualify as a potential ‘high flyer’, we’ll even buy that for you!

3. There is no long-term contract tying you in. Just a maximum of two months notice to complete all your courses.

4. You are therefore able to earn three or four times more per hour than you would expect in an employed role.

5. There are no set hours and your work pattern is entirely flexible.

6. We provide full training and mentoring, however you will set up your own courses, that is not done for you…but hey, you reap the rewards in how much you earn as a result!

7. We provide the best online booking system and software available.

8. You pay us a monthly fee (starting at just £10!) to trade using our brand and products (including premium partnerships such as Angry Birds and Danger Mouse).

9. You must be present for all activities delivered under your name.

10. All teaching resources, marketing materials, certificates, policies etc are provided for you.

Case Studies

Ciaran Bright – Cardiff

“The Children’s Activity Professional license was the right step up for me in my career as I wanted to earn more money but wouldn’t know where to start in running my own business. Sports Xtra’s training gave me the confidence to get going and once they showed me how to set up courses, it was actually quite easy getting the numbers in.”

Ciaron Bright

Adam Marsden – Cardiff

“I fit the courses in around doing my degree course at Cardiff Met. I used to earn a couple of hundred pounds a month working as a coach for Sports Xtra and now bring in over £1000 doing the same number of hours.”

Adam Marsden

Louis Garner – Reading

“The training I received was better than I’d expected and Sports Xtra told me things that I definitely wouldn’t have thought of. I love the range of activities that I’m now able to provide and set up my first Spy School after-school club with the help of my mentor.”

Louis Garner